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Evolving Your Board to the Next Level

"I've been on Boards for 30 years and I still learned a lot!"
-- Suzette Wexner, Executive Director, Palm Healthcare Foundation

This workshop is for already established nonprofit Boards of Directors whose members want to enhance their overall quality of governance.

(Those who wish to build their first Board or to conduct a general training for new and potential Board members in the community might wish to arrange the following training, Nuts and Bolts of Developing and Operating Your Nonprofit Board of Directors.)

Implementation of Peer Learning Methods, Where Suitable

We strongly believe that adults learn best when they 1) actually apply new information and materials from our trainings to current, real-world challenges in their lives and workplaces; and 2) exchange ongoing feedback with others in similar situations. Therefore, if suitable with the client, we design our trainings so that they incorporate use of individualized action plans, peer coaching groups and/or private, on-line discussion groups that we moderate among attendees to our trainings.

Outcomes From This Workshop

  1. Fresh -- and honest -- perspective on your Board
  2. Vision of growth for your Board
  3. Board Development Plan
  4. More effective support to Board
  5. More effective governance
  6. More appreciation for your Board

Here's Who Will Benefit

Personnel, including:

  1. Current Board members
  2. Potential Board members
  3. Chief Executive Officers
  4. Employees/staff
  5. Funders/investors
  6. Consultants

Organizations, for example:

  1. Nonprofit charitable organizations
  2. Associations and cooperatives
  3. School Boards
  4. Farmer's Bureau Boards
  5. Church Boards

Here's What You'll Be Able to Do From Attending This Training

  1. Conduct quick, comprehensive assessment of the most critical functions of your Board and its interaction with senior staff.
  2. Clarify your own perspective on what you really believe about -- and really want from -- a Board of Directors.
  3. Recognize the most common types of "broken Boards."
  4. Recognize the symptoms of the most common types of Board problems.
  5. Incorporate your Board's version of "best practices" for Boards and Board members.
  6. Describe the stages of development of a nonprofit Board.
  7. Recognize your Board's stage of development.
  8. Ensure strong participation of Board members.
  9. Ensure strong relationships between members of the Board and the Chief Executive.
  10. Incorporate guidelines for good governance.
  11. Implement guidelines to improve your Board.
  12. Customize a Board Development Plan to evolve your Board to its next stage of development or renewal.

Features of This Training

  1. Instruction from national experts on Boards of Directors.
  2. Comprehensive, well-organized and substantive training materials.
  3. Numerous guidelines and tools to evolve your Board of Directors.
  4. Each attendee gets the complete step-by-step guidebook, Field Guide to Developing, Operating and Restoring Your Nonprofit Board.

We Customize This Training For You and Your Organization

  1. Contact us to tell us about whom you wish to train, when and where.
  2. We'll work with you to accommodate your budget and schedule and to customize the training according to your needs.
  3. Contact Authenticity Consulting, LLC, by calling 1-763-971-8890 or e-mailing us.
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