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Nuts and Bolts of Developing and Operating Nonprofit Boards of Directors

Focus On Foundational, Nuts-and-Bolts, Best Practices

Few Board members struggle because they haven't mastered the most recent and advanced concepts about Boards of Directors. Instead, members tend to struggle because they really haven't mastered all of the fundamental "best practices" in Boards. Our trainings focus on those foundational, best practices about Boards.

Focused on Actions, Implementation and Continuous Learning

We strongly believe that adults learn best when they 1) actually apply new information and materials from our trainings to current, real-world challenges in their lives and workplaces; and 2) exchange ongoing feedback with others in similar situations. Therefore, if suitable with the client, we design our trainings so that they incorporate use of individualized action plans, peer coaching groups and/or private, on-line discussion groups that we moderate among attendees to our trainings.

Here's Who Will Benefit

Personnel, including:

  1. Current Board members
  2. Potential Board members
  3. Chief Executive Officers
  4. Employees/staff
  5. Funders/investors
  6. Consultants

Organizations, for example:

  1. Nonprofit charitable organizations
  2. Associations and cooperatives
  3. Limited Liability Companies
  4. For-Profit Corporations
  5. School Boards
  6. Farmer's Bureau Boards
  7. Church Boards

Here's What You'll Be Able to Do From Attending This Training

  1. Gather your "first Board" -- the group of people who will help you start your organization (this topic might be excluded, depending on the needs of participants to the training).
  2. Recruit, orient, train and organize new Board members to immediately contribute to achieving strategic and business goals.
  3. Ensure all Board members understand and can carry out their roles and responsibilities as Board members in a highly participative, realistic and effective fashion.
  4. Effectively deliberate and achieve consensus on strategic matters.
  5. Operate as a highly cohesive team, supporting Board decisions and avoiding "sidebar" meetings.
  6. Ensure Board members retain focus on strategic matters, while effectively delegating to Board committees, Board members and/or the Chief Executive.
  7. Carry out highly focused and results-oriented Board meetings.
  8. Hire and train the Chief Executive Officer.
  9. Regularly evaluate the Board and Chief Executive in a comprehensive, equitable and results-oriented fashion.
  10. Conduct your own ongoing Board training sessions for current and new Board members to ensure they all are "working from the same page."
  11. Overall, transition your Board from a hands-on, "working" Board to a fully functioning, governing Board.

Features of This Training

  1. Focused on best practices to develop and operate a Board of Directors.
  2. Instruction from national experts on Boards of Directors.
  3. Comprehensive, well-organized and substantive training materials.
  4. Complete, step-by-step guidebook to develop and operate your Board of Directors. Each attendee gets the Field Guide to Developing, Operating and Restoring Your Nonprofit Board.
  5. As much as possible, we customize the training to suit the nature and needs of the attendees.

We Customize This Training For You and Your Organization

  1. Contact us to tell us about whom you wish to train, when and where.
  2. We'll work with you to accommodate your budget and schedule and to customize the training according to your needs.
  3. Contact Authenticity Consulting, LLC, by calling 1-763-971-8890 or e-mailing us.
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