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Six Months to Live

A Phone-Based Peer Support Program to Take Stock of Your Life

Ever Notice How Authentic a Person Gets After a Near-Death Experience?

For instance after a heart attack, a person often:

  • Gets much more clarity on what's truly important.
  • Radically changes lifestyle habits.
  • Spends more time with loved ones.
  • Finds a more meaningful career and job.
  • Is much more present and engaged with themselves and others.

Imagine You Had Only Six Months to Live -- What Would Be Most Important to Do?

  • Someone with a health crisis has the support of their medical team and loved ones. Who would you lean on?
  • What questions would you ask yourself?
  • Do you really have to wait for a crisis before becoming more authentic in your life? No!

The Six Months to Live® program provides guidelines and tools to address the most important considerations in living an authentic and meaningful life. The program places you in a peer coaching group where members pretend that they've been told that they have just six months to live. Then they use the program's tools and the members of their peer coaching group to consider important questions about their lives -- and to take relevant and realistic actions [to address their answers to those questions]. In a peer coaching group, members share support, advice, thoughtful questions and accountabilities to get clear on current priorities, take actions to address each of them -- and learn at the same time.

Powerful, Peer Coaching Process to Take Stock of Your Life -- and Act Now

  1. Address core questions about your life.
  2. Coaching, advice and materials from peers to address those questions.
  3. A workbook with guidelines and tools to address those questions.
  4. Close and confidential network of peers to share coaching, materials, learning and accountabilities.
  5. Learn state-of-the-art, core peer-coaching process and materials.
  6. More preparation for your own death -- and to make more meaningful the lives and deaths of others.
  7. Overall - a more authentic and, thus, more meaningful life.

Get Peer Support to Answer These Most Important Questions About Your Life

Meeting #1 -- Program Setup

  • Overview of Your Workbook, Journal and Tools for Coaching
  • Meeting Your Peer Group Members and Learning the Group Process

Meeting #2 -- Taking Inventory of Your Life

  • What Were Your Favorite Memories? Activities?
  • What Would You Have Done With More Time?

Meeting #3 -- Thanking Loved Ones

  • What Are You Most Thankful For?
  • Who would you thank? How?

Meeting #4 -- Making Amends

  • Who Might You Have Wronged?
  • How Would You Make Amends to Them?

Meeting #5 -- Writing Your Obituary and Epitaph

  • What Do You Want Others to Know About Your Life?
  • What Do You Want On Your Tombstone?

Meeting #6 -- You've Been Saved - You'll Live After All!

  • What Have You Learned About Yourself, Others and Your World?
  • How Will You Remain Authentic into the Future?

How This Unique Peer Program Works

  • Six facilitated phone-based group meetings, approximately 3-4 weeks apart.
  • Each meeting is highly confidential, and approximately 2.0 hours long.
  • Five members per group. Members are screened for the program and fully introduced to each other.
  • Location and timing of the meetings are determined by the members.
  • Members are taught core coaching skills via an online webinar, coaching tools and tips between meetings.
  • Members do brief pre-reading and worksheets before each meeting. Plan for 2-4 hours of work between meetings.
  • Each of the six meetings addresses certain core questions, as well as others posed by fellow group members.
  • In each meeting, each member is coached by other group members to clarify current priorities and relevant next actions.
  • Each member is supported to take those actions between meetings.
  • All members learn from the coaching in the meetings and from reflections on their actions.

Highly Skilled Facilitator

Meetings will be facilitated by Carter McNamara, MBA, PhD. Carter's bachelor and PhD studies were on existentialism, a school of thought that asserts that if a person does not live an authentic life, then he/she falls into chronic anxiety, boredom and despair. The research from his PhD dissertation helped to produce an Action Learning-based, peer coaching group process in which members guide and support each other to act authentically about current problems or exciting goals.

That peer coaching group process is now used by leading-edge companies around the world for prompt and low-cost results in personal, professional and organizational development. Get more information about our coaching.

Low Cost to Participate in the Program

The program is $295 per person for the entire program, including the training and materials on peer coaching, workbook content and 12-15 hours of peer coaching.

To Get More Information

Contact Carter at carter@authenticityconsulting.com . (Be sure that you've read the description on this page first :-)

"Six Months to Live" is a federally registered trademark of Authenticity Consulting, LLC.