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Nonprofit Business Development For Enhanced Impact and Financial Sustainability - Resources

On-line Resources

Authenticity Consulting is pleased to provide one of the world's largest collections of well-organized, practical resources about nonprofit organization and business development. The following resources are arranged in the order in which nonprofit personnel typically need them.

Basics About Social Entrepreneurship (lots of links to lots of links)

There are an increasing number of on-line resources about social entrepreneurship. Links to every resource would likely be overwhelming in scope. The following links are to a useful range of articles in our Free Management Library.
Social entrepreneurship (basics and overviews, links to lots of links)

The following link is Authenticity Consulting's extensive annotated bibliography of resources about social entrepreneurship. To read the bibliography, you will need a copy of the free Adobe Acrobat Software. Download this free software. After you've downloaded the software, the following link will take you to the bibliography.
Social Entrepreneurship Toolbox

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Feasibility Analysis to Start New Nonprofit, Program or Venture

Whether you're starting a new nonprofit, a new program or some other kind of new venture, there are certain considerations that you must make. We've identified those considerations for you and point you to useful free resources to help you make those considerations wisely.
Preparation for Planning a Business Venture

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Starting a New Nonprofit, Program or Venture (links to lots of links)

One you've decided to start a new nonprofit, a new program or some other kind of new venture, the following link is to resources that provide step-by-step instructions.
How to start nonprofit venture (everything you need to know to start a nonprofit)

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Developing Your Board of Directors

Complete Free Toolkit for Boards

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Role of Chief Executive

The chief executive, commonly called executive director, usually plays a critical role in organizing the initial board of directors and supporting them to carry out their roles. See our guidelines in
Role of Chief Executive

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Understanding Organization Development and Change

We're experts at nonprofit organization development and change. Authenticity Consulting, LLC, co-founder, Carter McNamara, MBA, PhD, is one of the top experts in the country (see About Authenticity Consulting, LLC). To view resources about organization development and change, see:
Overview of Organizational Change

To learn more about the profession of organization development (OD), see the OD Library developed by Carter. It's one of the world's largest collections of well-organized, free, resources about organization development and change.

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Business Planning and Strategic Planning (links to lots of links)

One of the most useful learnings that nonprofits can take from the world of for-profits is successful business and strategic planning. The following links provide complete guidelines and samples for both types of planning.

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Program Development and Marketing (links to lots of links)

Obviously, nonprofits count on their programs to deliver services to their clientele. Yet, it's amazing how little information there is available about starting a program! We provide complete guidelines for you to design and market your program. We also provide extensive resources about further marketing your program, including advertising, promoting, selling services, and maintaining strong public relations.

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Nonprofit Fundraising

Once you've got a good sense about what you need to implement your strategic plan and your programs, then you have a good depiction of your financial needs. Now's a good time to understand
Nonprofit Fundraising and Grantwriting

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Nonprofits and for-profits have almost the same needs when staffing their organizations. See our:

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Managing Nonprofit Finances

Whether you're starting a new nonprofit or program or operating a current nonprofit or program, you must know how to manage your finances. See our
Basic Guide to Managing Nonprofit Finances

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Program Evaluation

Program evaluation can be conducted to assess and conclude the quality of a program's processes, progress toward reaching goals, impact on clients, etc. See our
Basic Guide to Program Evaluation

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Our Free, On-line Courses

You'd pay $1,000's to gain the materials and learning that we provide you in our courses -- for FREE!

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Various Organizations

Complete lists to all organizations involved in all aspects of social entrepreneurship become almost unmanageable. The following are links to key organizations, which themselves provide links to other organizations and materials.

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Free Management Library(sm)

This is one of the world's largest, on-line collection of well-organized resources for nonprofits. We're happy to bring it to you!
Free Management Library (one of world's largest on-line, free nonprofit libraries)

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On-Line Discussion Group: npEnterprise Forum

In the npEnterprise Forum, we discuss practical ways that nonprofits can enhance their organizational capacity, mission impact and financial sustainability through business development. The Forum is co-moderated by Authenticity Consulting and Rolfe Larson Associates.
See the npenterprise forum.

Here is a link to 100's of groups, etc., about all aspects of nonprofits.
On-Line Discussion Groups, Portals, Mailing Lists and Newsletters for Nonprofits

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