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Our Long-Term Interest in -- and Interpretation of -- Authenticity

Since the early 1970s, Carter McNamara has had a deep interest in authenticity, including in the existential movement and in methods to help others to cultivate authenticity, including in consulting, coaching and facilitation.

Thus, the name of our firm, Authenticity Consulting, LLC.

There are many outcomes reported from the practices of coaching and Action Learning. However, we believe that the most important outcome is seldom mentioned in literature or by practitioners -- that most important outcome is authenticity.

We strongly believe that authenticity must be present for any personal and professional development program to be successful and long-lasting.

To us, the term "authenticity" means participation in the here-and-now -- participation that is complete, realistic and respectfully honest.

The existential tradition in philosophy asserts that, unless a person lives authentically, then he or she can fall into chronic boredom, anxiety and despair.

The term "authenticity" has become very popular in literature about professional and organization development.

Writers provide many definitions, some of which suggest that authenticity is always being completely centered with yourself, others and the universe. We disagree.

A person can be uncomfortable, confused, doubtful or even angry in regard to themselves, their jobs or other people and still be quite authentic.

In fact, courageously expressing that discomfort, confusion, anger and strong doubt are often great places from which to start one's long-lasting development!

Considering all the complex challenges -- and many new programs -- in life and work, it can be very hard to stay authentic, to stay real.

However, we believe that the reason we are so successful in our consulting projects is that our approaches always include techniques to help people to be authentic.

Thank you.


"Authenticity self-corrects."
-- Robert Terry, author of "Authentic Leadership"