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"Thank You" to the Writers in Fields of Action Learning, and Personal and Professional Coaching

Leveraging the Power of Peers(sm)

Clients & Participants

We thank the members of our past and current Action Learning groups. They allowed us the high privilege of participating in their powerful experiences and development. It was not until we fully realized that the Action Learning process was really owned by the members themselves that we began to understand and learn.


We wish to thank Soren Kierkegaard, Carl Rogers, Rollo May, Irvin Yalom and other major players in the existential movement. These people, particularly the existential psychologists, developed the principles and practices that form the foundations of many coaching models -- hopefully these people will soon receive the recognition that they deserve from coaching schools. We believe that many coaching schools actually miss mention of one of the most important outcomes from personal and professional coaching -- the outcome of authenticity. Writers, philosophers and practitioners in the existential movement have long asserted that without authenticity, people fall into anxiety, boredom and despair. This overarching principle is the major basis for the design of the peer coaching-group-based Authenticity Circles.

Writers in Coaching Field

We wish to thank the many major writers in the profession of personal and professional coaching. These writers are quoted throughout this web site, including writers such as Frederic Hudson, John Whitmore, Laura Whitworth, Henry Kimsey-House, Phil Sandahl, James Flaherty and Robert Hargrove.

Reginald Revans

We wish to thank Reginald Revans who is widely considered the founder of the Action Learning process. He founded the process well over 50 years ago in England. His ideas were not widely accepted and were even ridiculed at the time, yet they've gone on to become a true breakthrough in training and development. His process is now used world-wide for personal, professional and organization development.

Myles Horton

We wish to think Myles Horton, founder of the Highlander Folk School in Tennessee. Highlander is really an educational philosophy that brings people together to get things done and learn from the experience. Members learn from each other by sharing their experiences, wisdom, probing questions, and supportive challenges.

Action Learning Writers

We wish to think certain Action Learning writers, in particular Liz Beaty, Michael Marquardt, Ian Mcgill, Michael Pedler, Reginald Revans, Bill Rothwell and Krystyna Weinstein. We've learned a great deal from reading their books (see the books listed in Resources), some of which themselves included writings of other Action Learning writers, as well. Certainly, many of the concepts and ideas from their books have been integrated into my learning, generally, and are included on the many web pages on this web site.

Other Consultants

A number of consultants have contributed to the success of our approach to Action Learning over the years. William Stockton, PhD, and Marjorie Herdes of Mobius, Inc., provided key suggestions and insights that improved the our process as we explored integrating the Mobius Model and the Action Learning process. Various Action Learning practitioners provided guidance, including Jerilyn Fosdick, Verna Willis and Judy O'Neil.

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