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Why Are Peer Learning (Peer Coaching) Programs So Popular?

Leveraging the Power of Peers(sm)

Our peer learning programs are based on the Action Learning process. The process has become very popular as a powerful, yet highly practical, approach to accelerate learning in personal, professional and organizational development.

The process is used in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America.

Action Learning is used by large companies, such as Amoco, CocaCola, General Electric, IBM, Shell and Prudential Insurance. It's also used by government agencies, universities, schools, professional organizations and neighborhood organizations.

Powerful, Accessible, Affordable and Adaptable

Action Learning and Authenticity Circles are built on the natural way that people learn: by working on current, real-world challenges and sharing help with each other along the way. The people in the process do the work. Consequently, Action Learning and Authenticity Circles have many benefits, including that:

They are closely aligned with principles of adult learning.

  • Adults learn by applying new information and materials to current, real-world challenges and exchanging feedback with others along the way.

They are highly accessible to learners and organizations.

  • Members can schedule their own meetings at their own locations and according to their own calendars.

Members do the work themselves, so programs are highly affordable.

  • In fact, the more expert consultants and materials that are included in the program, the less real and deep learning that may occur for participants.

They are highly compatible with other forms of training and development.

  • Authenticity Circles can be used as free-standing programs or to deepen and enrich learning from traditional programs, such as courses, seminars and workshops.

Incorporates Many Powerful, Popular Concepts

For example, our peer learning programs:

  • Can include the techniques of appreciative inquiry
  • Includes the nature of personal and professional coaching
  • Develops skills in continuous learning (reflection and inquiry)
  • Is based on holistic learning
  • Cultivates the “kernel” of leadership: authenticity
  • Can use face-to-face or on-line communications
  • Can cultivate a learning organization
  • Focuses on real-world problems tied to strategic needs (performance)
  • Is self-managed teams of self-directed learners
  • Cultivates strong skills in systems thinking

Our Authenticity Circles(sm)Makes Peer Learning
Highly Powerful, Practical and Affordable

We developed Authenticity Circles(sm) during a two-year period of intensive research and learning that was always focused on making the overall Action Learning process as practical, accessible and affordable as possible.

For over ten years, we've provided Authenticity Circles (sm) to organizations large and small, including for-profit and nonprofit. We've trained training and development practitioners how to use Authenticity Circles(sm) for their clients and learners. We've helped consulting firms to provide Authenticity Circles(sm) services in their locality. We've helped professional organizations to provide Authenticity Circles(sm) to their members.

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