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Facilitating Action Learning (Peer Coaching) Groups

Leveraging the Power of Peers(sm)


1. Foundations of Action Learning (Peer Coaching) Groups


This intensive, hands-on, one-day workshop is useful for human and organization development practitioners, managers and other individuals who want to learn how to facilitate Action Learning-based, peer coaching groups.

The morning includes overview of:

  • Key points from the prerequisite workshop Foundations of Action Learning (Peer Coaching) Groups
  • Goals and responsibilities of the facilitator role
  • Useful (and not so useful) skills for facilitators
  • Comparison of one-on-one coaching and coaching/facilitating peer coaching groups
  • Typical concerns of first-time, peer coaching facilitators
  • Dynamics of peer coaching groups
  • Getting ready for group facilitation
  • Enrolling/contracting with each member of the group
  • How to train the group members about peer coaching, including about how they select their coaching goals, get coached, coach other members, choose useful actions to take between meetings, capture learning, and evaluate the peer coaching session process and outcomes
  • Facilitating ongoing peer coaching sessions
  • Evaluating quality of sessions, facilitation and participants' outcomes
  • Facilitating the final session in a peer coaching program

The afternoon includes each participant's experiencing facilitation of an Authenticity Circles (sm) peer coaching session, including facilitating:

  • Opening a session and each member's "checking in" with their coaching goal
  • Each member's getting and giving help to other members
  • Recording of actions and learning
  • Evaluation of the meeting

The day ends with:

  • Provision of extensive, useful resources
  • Opportunity for participants to get answers to their questions regarding their plans for facilitating peer coaching groups

Each participant gets the newly released and greatly expanded Authenticity Circles (sm) Facilitator's Guide (Second Edition).

Ongoing after the workshop, participants can choose to take part in an ongoing, on-line discussion group of facilitators.

  • Authenticity Consulting, LLC, will form and moderate the on-line discussion group.
  • Members can freely share suggestions, questions and useful materials about their peer coaching experiences.
  • Members participate by sending and receiving e-mail messages from other members.


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