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Certification in Facilitating Authenticity Circles(sm)Facilitation

Leveraging the Power of Peers(sm)


1.Foundations of Action Learning (Peer Coaching) Groups
2. Facilitating Action Learning (Peer Coaching) Groups


Learners can become certified in facilitating the highly practical, Action Learning-based, Authenticity Circles(sm) peer coaching model. Certification ensures that participants have solid competencies in facilitating peer coaching sessions.

Benefits of certification include that Authenticity Consulting, LLC, will:

  • Place you in a peer coaching group along with other facilitators to ensure that you get at least five hours of highly focused feedback from other facilitators as you organize, facilitate and evaluate your own groups.
  • Help you market your own peer coaching groups, including two hours of Authenticity Consulting's consultation to you, appropriate use of our intellectual property (marketing materials, web site information, guidebooks, etc.)
  • Vouch for your competency, including providing recommendations, where appropriate.

Certification requirements include:

  • Successful completion of the prerequisite workshops
  • At least 40 hours of facilitation of actual client Circle sessions and that include members' evaluations after the first three Circle sessions (members will be given evaluation criteria)
  • Reflective essay of at least five pages that addresses your strengths and weaknesses as a facilitator as indicated by the Circle evaluations, a documented plan for improvement to address your weaknesses, and key learnings from your Circle facilitation experiences thus far
  • Participation in a Circle of facilitators where you gain support and feedback to implement your plan for improvement
  • Results of facilitation evaluation by members of your client Circle after their first six meetings (members will be given evaluation criteria)
  • Results of final evaluation by Authenticity Consulting, LLC

Cost for Certification

  • $900.00 per participant for Authenticity's consultation and evaluation, participation in Circle of facilitators, references from Authenticity, and appropriate use of Authenticity's intellectual property (marketing materials, web site information, guidebooks, etc.)

All costs for prerequisites and certification include:

To Enroll

  • Contact Authenticity Consulting, LLC, by calling 1-800-971-2250 or e-mailing us.
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