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Foundations of Action Learning (Peer Coaching) Groups

Leveraging the Power of Peers(sm)


This very comprehensive, highly practical, eight-hour workshop is useful for those who want to learn about the Action Learning process, personal and professional coaching, and the many benefits of peer coaching groups. Participants will experience being a member of a peer coaching session and will gain numerous valuable materials. This workshop is useful for those planning to be members of a peer coaching group. This workshop is also prerequisite for those wanting to learn about peer coaching facilitation and program development.

The morning provides an overview of Action Learning and peer coaching groups, including:

  • The nature of personal and professional coaching (this overview might be skipped if all attendees are coaches already)
  • Applications and outcomes of personal and professional coaching (this overview might be skipped if all attendees are coaches already)
  • Authenticity, or wholehearted participation, and how it cultivates meaning, and helps people avoid anxiety, despair, boredom and cynicism
  • Similarities between natures of coaching and Action Learning-based, peer coaching groups
  • Peer coaching group applications and outcomes
  • How Action Learning compares to traditional forms of training and development
  • Life of a typical peer coaching program
  • Roles of group members and the facilitator
  • How each member selects their coaching goal to bring to their groups
  • Guidelines for members to get coaching from other members
  • Guidelines for coaching other group members
  • How members can capture their learning
  • How to evaluate the group process, facilitation and outcomes
  • Participants in the workshop also experience peer-group coaching, including selecting a coaching goal, getting help from other members, and giving help to other participants

Afternoon includes experiencing an Authenticity Circles(sm) SIZE="-1"> peer coaching session, including:

  • Opening a session and each member's "checking in" with their coaching goal
  • Presenting a goal to a peer coaching group
  • Getting help from other members in the group
  • Giving help to other members in the group
  • Recording actions and learning
  • Evaluating the session

The day ends with:

  • Provision of many useful forms and other resources for members of a group
  • Opportunity for participants to ask questions regarding their plans for peer coaching groups

Each participant gets the newly released and greatly expanded Authenticity Circles (sm) Member's Guide (Second Edition).


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