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Our Peer Learning Workshops and Certification Programs --
Money-Back Guarantee!

Leveraging the Power of Peers(sm)

"You get back several times what you put in!
The workshops truly 'leverage the power of peers'!"
-- Amelia Lanier, Senior Training Specialist,
Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America

"… competency models, 360-degree feedback, and action learning …
have now become standard tools in leadership development initiatives."

- Jay A. Conger, Best Practices in Organization Development and Change,
Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer, 2001, p. 186.

"I can't begin to tell you how useful the Circles are
to our service supervisors!"
-- Patricia Brinton,
Human Resource Development,
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota

We offer a range of intensive, hands-on and highly practical workshops about peer coaching groups, facilitating peer coaching groups and designing peer coaching programs.

We also offer certification for Action Learning-based Authenticity Circles(sm) facilitators and program developers. Participants who become certified can assure themselves and others that they've achieved complete competency in facilitating or designing peer coaching groups. Authenticity Consulting, LLC, will also vouch for the competency of those whom it certifies, along with providing ongoing consultation, marketing materials and references.

Here's Who Will Benefit

  1. Businesses that want to quickly spread low-cost, core coaching skills throughout the organization
  2. Businesses that want to deepen and enrich their training and development programs
  3. Businesses that want complete communications, team building and accountability among all employees
  4. Coaches who want to expand their coaching practice well beyond the traditional and limiting one-on-one coaching format
  5. Trainers who want to guarantee transfer of training for clients and learners
  6. Associations that want to provide more than the same old, standard package of membership services
  7. Conference organizers SIZE="-1"> who want to help attendees learn long past the post-conference "high"

Here's What You'll Be Able to Do From Attending Workshops

  1. Design and customize high-performance, peer coaching groups for almost any application, including coaching, networking, training, problem solving and support
  2. Market programs to leaders, managers, employees, clients, learners and members (including use of our marketing materials and mention of your name on our web site)
  3. Teach your group members about the Action Learning-based, peer coaching group process
  4. Facilitate highly focused peer coaching group meetings and programs
  5. Evaluate for high-quality group meetings, learning and problem solving

Features of Our Hands-On, Intensive Workshops

  1. Instruction from national experts on Action Learning and peer coaching groups
  2. Comprehensive, well-organized and substantive training materials
  3. Complete, step-by-step guidebooks to customize groups for any application
  4. Six-month follow-on support and feedback in an e-group with other trained facilitators and program providers
  5. Use of our program and marketing materials in your programs and practice
  6. Money-back guarantee

We Can Customize Internal Training Programs

  1. We work with you to refine your plans for program goals and applications.
  2. We customize the training and materials to suit the needs of your organization.
  3. We can train up to 20 facilitators at a time.
  4. Each facilitator learns how to design, market, facilitate and continuously improve their own groups for a wide variety of applications.
  5. If each facilitator starts even just one group, then that results in at least 140 employees who get ongoing coaching and learn coaching skills at the same time.
  6. Programs can be customized for a variety of applications, for example, to quickly spread low-cost core coaching skills, organizational change, or to deepen and enrich training and development programs.

Our Workshops and Certifications

The three, 8-hour workshops listed below are scheduled over a three-day period. Attendance to all three workshops is at the reduced total price of $900 ($810 if paid in advance).