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Powerful, Practical Peer Groups for Coaching, Training and Action Learning

Leveraging the Power of Peers(sm)

Action Learning: Some Books to Help You Get Started

There is an increasing number of publications about the peer-based Action Learning process. The following books provide highly accessible and descriptive information that will help you get started in designing and implementing Action Learning programs.

To carry out your own Action Learning program, contact Authenticity Consulting, LLC. To contact Authenticity Consulting.

  1. Action Learning: A Journey in Discovery and Development by Weinstein, London: HarperCollins, 1995.
    (Start with this book that provides a straightforward and even personable overview of the Action Learning process.)
  2. Action Learning in Action by Marquardt, Davies-Black Publishing, 1999.
    (Next read Michael's book that provides more focus on Action Learning programs designed to accomplish specific types of outcomes. Note that the national, Action Learning-based Leaders Circles(sm) program for nonprofits is described in this book. This program was designed by Authenticity's Carter McNamara.)
  3. Action Learning: A Practitioner's Guide by McGill, I. & Beaty, L.London: Kogan Page, 1995.
    (Next read this book that embellishes Marquardt's book, by including strong focus on desired skills for facilitators and set members, along with information about achieving specific types of outcomes.
  4. Action Learning in Practice by Pedler, M. (Ed.), London: Gower, 1991.
    (This is a wonderful anthology of different types of applications of Action Learning.
  5. Authenticity Circles: Facilitator's Guide and Authenticity Circles: Member's Guide by McNamara, C, Authenticity Consulting, LLC, 2001.
    (These guidebooks provide step-by-step instructions to design, market, facilitate and evaluate highly practical, yet powerful Action Learning groups. To get these guidebooks now, See the guidebooks.

Free, On-Line Resources

Authenticity Consulting, LLC, also provides one of the largest collections of free, on-line resources about various aspects of carrying out the Action Learning process. See
Extensive, Free, On-Line Resources for Action Learning Programs

The following link is to a range of free, on-line discussion groups about Action Learning and other topics in regard to training and development.
On-Line Discussion Groups

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